5 Best Monitor Under 100 in 2017

When it comes to searching for PC monitor, the options are endless and varying including the best monitor under 100.

Even the affordable monitor can actually offer you something powerful and smart for daily use. What you need to do is to find the right model, make, response time, resolution and model according to your personal need and preference. If you are smart enough as customer, this budget can also give you a good option of gaming monitor. We have highlighted some best options so check out the quick review from cheap gaming monitor under october 2017.

ViewSonic VA2246M-LED

Here comes the next recommended monitor under $100. ViewSonic is the reputable manufacturer offering 22 inch monitor with a number of above average features. It has only two inputs, the DVI and VGA that makes it a fine option but not a perfect one. Despite of lack of HDMI port, it still has good audio and video quality so it makes up for HDMI absence. There is one feature that makes it an uncommon monitor, the built-in speakers. These speakers are designed as stop-gap in case your high quality speakers not working.

Its screen comes with matte finish to help reducing the glare while its image quality is considerably good with sharp colors and contrast. At the same time, it comes with wide viewing angles range which is ideal for multi-screen setups. It is not difficult for this monitor to make the colors pop thanks to very bright LED backlight. To adjust the image, there are some options available that involve contrast sliders and basic brightness. If you consider mounting the monitor on the wall, feel free to do it. Overall, it is a good monitor to consider for regular use thanks to wide viewing angle, very bright screen, good image quality and built in speakers.

HP Pavilion 22CWA

This time, HP brings its monitor which many people claim one of the best affordable monitors. HP itself is known to be a company that doesn’t sacrifice quality for price. So, you can expect something good from this monitor. Well, the monitor comes with anti glare-coating, IPS panel 1920×1080 pixel of resolution and 7ms response time. With this response time, you may not want to use it for gaming because it is pretty slow.

It has two inputs, the VGA and HDMI but there is no DVI input. It offers pretty deep darks and average color range to do daily jobs. Apparently, this monitor has a little surprise. It is capable of making movies. Image editing is not difficult to be performed with this monitor as well thanks to its HP Enhance+Filter and preset image quality adjustment. Meanwhile, its design is pretty good with modern design, attractive stand and understated HP logo. If you consider yourself a person looking for good picture quality, this monitor is the right option.

Asus VS228H-P

The Asus VS228H-P is a great budget monitor offered for less than $100. So, how good is this monitor, anyway? Let’s learn its specs and performance then. This is a full HD monitor with 21 inch of display and 5ms response time which is quite impressive. It has three different inputs including HDMI, DVI and D-Sub. These inputs make the monitor a low-cost gaming monitor. Its display quality is pretty good with high image quality and multi-screen setups. Its exterior design looks good with glossy plastic stand and screen bezel although it can be some kind of fingerprint magnet as well. Its adjustment is not very nice though because it can only be tilted forward and back. Sometimes, you may deal with too low or too high height. But, it is very easy to hang or mount it on the wall.

Overall, its picture quality is above average with crisp colors and nuanced blacks. To allow you choosing between cooler or warmer palette, there are color profile presets that are built in. With these features, the monitor is recommended for office work and occasional gaming thanks to its good inputs range and response time.

Acer S220HQL ABD

Here comes the third recommended best monitor under 100. It is an ultra thin 21.5 inch Full HD monitor with understated design and slim profile that is designed for small work areas. It can reduce up to 60% of power usage thanks to advanced white LED technology. This way, the monitor has only low footprint. It has matte finish screen that is intended to reduce the glare. If you work in office that has bright fluorescent lighting, it definitely is a godsend monitor. It is considerably easy to move the monitor without any color distortion thanks to 160 degree of horizontal viewing angle.

There are two inputs in the monitor, DVI and VGA that provide decent picture quality with bright colors and layered darks. There is one main issue with this monitor, the height. It is just too low and there is no way to raise it. As for the performance, it is pretty good with decent picture quality and multiplied visual effect of clutter. Overall, there are three reasons why you should consider this monitor, its ideal size for small workspace, matte finish screen and very slim design.

Dell E2016HV

The last recommended best monitor under 100. With 20 inch display, this monitor makes a good option with 1600×900 pixels of resolution. But, it only has one input, VGA which is not very nice. Therefore, you may need to buy additional VGA-DVI adaptor for more input options. Its display is pretty well though with bold and bright colors. However, the darks colors tend to appear gray so it isn’t ideal for watching movies or gaming.

Meanwhile, if you think of buying energy efficient monitor, it is the right choice as it only uses 14W of power unlike other monitors that use up to 35W. Its exterior on the hand is pretty good thanks to its light design and VESA mounting holes. Although this monitor is not for everyone but if you are working in IT work setting or regular work, it should be a good option.


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