Best 2017 Movies Part 2 – From Cars 3 to Leap

  1. Cars 3

In the third movie of the Cars franchise, the main character, Steve McQueen will have to face a strong competitor. His status as the world’s best car race driver is in danger with the arrival of the next generation of race cars. After the horrible accident, Steve McQueen has decided to prove that he is still the best in the racing game.

  1. The Book of Henry

The Book of Henry is about the carpenter family. Some characters include a single mom named Susan, her playful son named Jacob, and also her genius son named Henry. The plot is started when Susan discover a book which is written by her son, Henry. The book contains a plan to save his neighbor named Christina. Once she realizes that Christina is in danger, Susan has decided to execute the plan with the help from Peter.

  1. Before I Fall

Before I Fall is another good movie which has a unique concept. The main character named Samantha Kingston is an ordinary girl who has the perfect life. She has good friends and a handsome boyfriend. Everything looks good, but things have changed when she gets into the accident. When she wakes up in the morning, she realizes that she is reliving the same day over again. While she is trying to solve the mystery around her, she also realizes that her life was not as perfect as she thought. The only problem is, she only has one day to fix and solve the mystery.

  1. Power Rangers 

Power Rangers is an action movie in which you can see a group of high school kids who are infused with strange power so that they can save the world by using these unique abilities. The movie uses lots of special effects and this one could be a good movie that you must include on the list too.

  1. Leap

What is “Leap”? This is about a girl named Felicie who dreams of becoming as a ballerina. While it is true that she lacks the training, it doesn’t stop her to make her dream come true. In order to reach her dream, she comes to Paris and joins the audition by pretending to be the ruthless dancer Camille Le Haut. With the help from her mysterious mentor, Felicie works hard to claim the role of Clara.     

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