1. Cars 3

In the third movie of the Cars franchise, the main character, Steve McQueen will have to face a strong competitor. His status as the world’s best car race driver is in danger with the arrival of the next generation of race cars. After the horrible accident, Steve McQueen has decided to prove that he is still the best in the racing game.

  1. The Book of Henry

The Book of Henry is about the carpenter family. Some characters include a single mom named Susan, her playful son named Jacob, and also her genius son named Henry. The plot is started when Susan discover a book which is written by her son, Henry. The book contains a plan to save his neighbor named Christina. Once she realizes that Christina is in danger, Susan has decided to execute the plan with the help from Peter.

  1. Before I Fall

Before I Fall is another good movie which has a unique concept. The main character named Samantha Kingston is an ordinary girl who has the perfect life. She has good friends and a handsome boyfriend. Everything looks good, but things have changed when she gets into the accident. When she wakes up in the morning, she realizes that she is reliving the same day over again. While she is trying to solve the mystery around her, she also realizes that her life was not as perfect as she thought. The only problem is, she only has one day to fix and solve the mystery.

  1. Power Rangers 

Power Rangers is an action movie in which you can see a group of high school kids who are infused with strange power so that they can save the world by using these unique abilities. The movie uses lots of special effects and this one could be a good movie that you must include on the list too.

  1. Leap

What is “Leap”? This is about a girl named Felicie who dreams of becoming as a ballerina. While it is true that she lacks the training, it doesn’t stop her to make her dream come true. In order to reach her dream, she comes to Paris and joins the audition by pretending to be the ruthless dancer Camille Le Haut. With the help from her mysterious mentor, Felicie works hard to claim the role of Clara.     


There is nothing wrong with finding the best 2017 movies especially if you don’t want to miss some great movies which have been released this year. Watching a good movie offers some benefits.

For example, it can inspire us to do something. If you are looking for some best movies in 2017 and you need some recommendations, don’t worry, we can help you. We have listed some good movies that you don’t want to miss in 2017. Take a good look at our list below and see whether our choices can satisfy your needs.

Best 2017 Movies – Our Top Picks

Guardians of the Galaxy 2

The first list we have here is the Guardians of the Galaxy 2 which has been released on may 5. It is obvious that there are some favorite characters that you may already know such as Chris Part as Star-Lord, Zoe Saldana as Gamora, and also Groot, the cutest character from the movie. There are also some newcomers who you may already know such as Elizabeth Debicki and Pom Klementief.

Wonder Woman ( June 2 )

Another cool superhero movie which you don’t want to miss in 2017 is Wonder Woman. Many have said that this could be one of the most realistic superhero movies. Wonder Women will get their fix on June 2. Gol Gadot as the main character of this movie is without a doubt one of the most interesting actresses that many want to see her in action.

The Fate of the Furious 

The fate of the furious uses the same basic formula like its previous series which is a crew of outlaws with various talents. The fate of the furious is about an eccentric crew of colorful personalities who engage in the illegal street racing. If you have watched the previous series, you may notice that the lineup has changed. If you are looking for a movie that is fun to watch, you may want to include this on your list.

The Lego Batman Movie

Many fans may love the release of this movie. When the Lego Batman became the star in the Lego Movie which was released in 2014, this is obvious that the character finally got his own spinoff. In the Lego Batman movie, you will see the main character battling to save the city (Gotham city) from his enemy, the Joker.

Pirates of the Caribbean 

If you miss Captain Jack Sparrow, then the fifth movie of the Pirates of the Caribbean should be included your list. In this movie, we will see the main character, Captain Jack Sparrow in which he got head to head with another famous pirate, Captain Salazar and his gang of ghost sailors. They only have one mission which is to kill all pirates including our favorite captain Jack Sparrow. To save his life from Captain Salazar, Jack Sparrow must find the legendary trident of Poseidon. With the help from a brilliant astronomer named Carina Smith and a strong sailor named Henry, can they find this legendary treasure? In this fifth movie, you can also see other popular characters such as Orlando Bloom as Will Turner and Kiera Knightly as Elizabeth Swan.

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These are some best movies that you must watch in 2017. From the guardians of the galaxy 2 to other actions movies such as the fate of the furious, it is a good idea to include them on your list the next time you want to watch a good movie. Take a good look at our list above and find the best 2017 movies that you like the most.